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Sterling Silver Boston
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Welcome To LBC Boutique & Loan, a Store Where you can Sell,
Buy and Loan Sterling Silver.
If you have silver
coins, flatware, jewelry or antiques, LBC Boutique
& Loan in Boston is here to pay you the highest in the state. We
prove it by text.(For Example:-If your Silver is worth $1000.00 we
pay you  $910.00 instantly, the same day, No Delays.)
We are qualified and experienced and we specialize in buying
sterling silver. Selling silver in Massachusetts is easier than ever
with us Because We offer friendly service, a fast selling process,
factual testing methods and cash funds! Whether you are a
business, individual or hobbyist looking to sell sterling silver for
cash, LBC Boutique & Loan is the #1 reputable buyer in
Massachusetts. We refine our own silver thus eliminating the
middleman, That is why we pay you more because there is no

How Selling Sterling Silver Works

If you’re in need of quick cash for selling silver in Boston, look no
further than LBC Boutique & Loan. We offer a quick and easy selling
process so you can get the cash you need fast!

Friendly – First, you will contact our friendly customer service.
During this step of the selling process, we will discuss the items you
wish to sell. We will also give you a quote for your silver. You can
also text us in advance 617-821-6229
Fast – Next, we will provide you with the best payment method for
your items-Cash Money.
Factual – Once we see your items, we will take them through our
advanced testing and analysis process which is our trained eye.  
Our testing methods include Fifty years of knowledge, scratch, and
Acid.  After we test your sterling silver, we will pay you 91% of what
it is worth. Once we agree on a price, we will pay you the cash!
Ask about our payment options. Cash, Cash, or more cash.